Tijeras de podar eléctricas SCIMAKER, podadora inalámbrica sin escobillas de 400W, podadora de bonsái de árboles frutales alimentada por litio con 2 baterías

$230.000 $268.000

Tijeras de podar eléctricas SCIMAKER, podadora inalámbrica sin escobillas de 400W, podadora de bonsái de árboles frutales alimentada por litio con 2 baterías

$230.000 $268.000

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Good gardening makes people happy, but the process of creating beautiful makes people feel tired. Repetitive landscaping and trimming can strain hand, arm, and shoulder muscles. Cordless electric garden shears comes with powerful brushless motor, lightweight body only 1.03KG/1.14KG. Equipped with 2 pack 16.8V/21V, 2000mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, long battery life and sustain to use 8 hours. The included 1 battery charger can charge 2 batteries at the same time. Flexible and sharp SK5 blades offer a adjustable cutting range, so that you can change it from 28mm to 19mm/32mm to 23mm in just 5 seconds. It is no longer a task that requires constant brute force, and it takes the strain and pressure off of finger, hand and wrist joints. At the same time It can be equipped with a 1.9m extension pole for pruning high branches. If you are a farm owner, Lithium-ion Battery Pruning Cutter will greatly reduce your labor costs. Under the same conditions, the workload of 10 people using electric pruning shears is equivalent to 30 people using manual pruning shears, and the cost will be reduced by half. If you want to reduce the burden, please choose it -Cordless Electric Lithium-ion Battery Pruning Cutter.

rushless Motor and SK5 Blades

Powerful 400W/500W brushless motor, reduce the rubbish generated by the brush, the inside of the fuselage is cleaner, the noise is reduced, the maintenance cost is lower than that of the brush motor, and long service life. The SK5 blades have a titanium-plated surface, higher blades hardness, and increase the abrasion resistance,sharp and durable

Adjustable Blades Opening

Adjustable speed cutter head, press and hold the trigger for 5 seconds, stop until the sound of ''ding'', you can change it from 28mm to 19mm/32mm to 23mm. Suitable for branches of different thicknesses. This electric pruner can be used for all kinds of orchards, parks, farms. To cut bushes, flower branches, grapes, cherry trees, apple trees, etc.

Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic grip, comfortable and durable handle has a soft rubber coating, which is non-slip and reduces muscle fatigue and soreness caused by repetitive work. It is more friendly to those with injured hands and arthritis hands.

Lightweight and Compact Body

T TOVIA electric pruning shears are lightweight and weigh only 1.03KG/1.14KG. This pruner is also effortless for women to use it. It can be put in the pocket when finishing work. It can act as a grapevine cutter, tree pruner, garden shears, etc. PP+TPR material and compact design make any pruning work easy, comfortable and burden-free.


Powered by 400W/500W brushless motor

2 pack 16.8V/21V 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Sustains to use up to 8 hours, 2 hours fast charging

The charger can charge both batteries at the same time

Connect to the extension pole for high branches trimming

SK5 titanium-plated blades, super sharp and rust-proof

Opening of the blades can be easily interchanged between 32mm and 19mm


Name: Lithium Pruning Shears

Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Battery voltage: 16.8V/21V

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Working time: 3-4/4-5 hours for a single battery, 6-8/8-10 hours for double battery

Charging time: 2h (Fast Charging) / 4h (Ordinary Charging)

Motor: 400W/500W Brushless Motor

Body material: PP+TPR

Trigger material: Zinc Alloy

Fixed blade material: SK5 with Sanding Surface

Upper blade material: SK5 with Titanium Plated Surface

Max cutting diameter: 1.1 inch (28mm)/1.25 inch (32mm)

Blade replaceable: Yes

Extension pole access: Yes

Shear weight: 1.03kg/1.14kg (Including 1 Battery)